Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

5758 furniture from creation to completion

Ever wondered how you can get your home to look like those in the pages interior magazine? Well, wonder no more. "5758" Majumapan Furniture, we take your ideas of a dream home and transform them into a complete work art.  That's what we call total home image.

Focusing on providing an all round interior design and renovation service, we offer our customers acomplete one stop service, from design to completion. Our dynamic team of interior designers work whith you at every step to create a home that expresses your individual personality. With in-house designers and highly skilled craftsmen, you get the finest quality furniture and furnishings with excellent workmanship.

with 5758 furniture, it is on time delivery and reliability avery time. No hassles. Only pleasant surpries and ajob well done. 5758 furniture for total home image, distinctive styling and quality craftsmanship.

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